Project Common


Participation :
Project topic should be related to Student Academic Discipline
Student must be Studying in University / College are Eligible

Maximum of Three members are allowed per team
Any number of teams from a University / College can participate
No participants can be part of more than one team
Participants are not allowed to submit more than one paper

Assesment Criteria
Understanding of theme and addressing of issue.
Presentation clarity, quality and legibility
Adherence to time, submission and screen space

Format for all papers
Submission of Full Paper
Letter of Authentication from a professor, who is guiding or supervising your work, will be required.
The Paper Should be guided by the faculty
All figures, photos, and illustrations must have captions.
All references should follow a standard citation format.
Name of University / College
Complete mailing address for University / College (address, city, state, country, postal code, E-mail, Website )
Student name (First name Last name) and email
For teams add: List of student team members and their grade level.
Other required material (is not counted in the 24 page limit):

List of references using standard citation format
Signed statement from the student’s work is original (scan this and include it in the paper as part of the file). If not possible to include it electronically in the file, then send it separately by e-mail or by regular mail to address above.
Illustrations as desired (optional), must be scanned as .jpg or .pdf files, and also hard copy illustrations.

Contest prizes and Certificates:
Entries that receive the highest overall scores will receive trophies and cash prizes.
We expect to be able to make the following awards to the ELIGIBLE winners in each category.

• First prize, Team entry: $1500 to the team
• First prize, Individual entry: $1000
The following awards will be for ELIGIBLE individuals or teams.
Second prize
• Third prize
• Honorable mention
Cash prizes will be awarded after 60 days winners are announced.
• The best submission wins the grand prize,
• Short listed Student will be Send to Europe.
Special activities for contestants are planned, including:
• All contestants who attend will be invited to display a poster of their work.
• The highest ranking winners attending will be invited to give an oral presentation.
• The highest scoring attending winner(s) will receive the Year Award.
This is a tremendous opportunity to present your work, meet some of the most important people in scientific development as well as your fellow contestants, and have a great time. If you plan to attend the conference, please contact Eastern Guilds for Training and Study ( EGTS ) . This is the contact for poster instructions, oral presentation times, and all other contest-related conference issues.
• Contest categories are Group or Individual. An additional category based on artistic and literary merit is also included in the contest.


• The submission must be the student's own work. Plagiarism is forbidden. You may quote short passages, but material copied from a source must be surrounded in double quotes (") and the source indicated. For example: "This material copied from somewhere Copied materials should rarely be more than a few lines, and never longer than a few paragraphs. Quoting long passages is forbidden. Entries caught plagiarizing will be rejected and disposed of. Last year 28 entries were caught copying materials from the web. They were eliminated from the competition.

• If your entry is longer that 30-50 pages, consider including a one page executive summary on the best features of your entry. Be sure to include original ideas, major focus, and any parts particularly well done in the executive summary. This will help the judges find the best parts of your entry.

• Avoid including technical material not directly related to your Project This is a Project contest and marginally related material will make it difficult for the judges. If they can't find your space settlement elements easily you won't score well.

• If you have a large, extensive entry, include a one-page summary of the highlights of your work. This will help the judges.

• Submissions must be made in hard & soft copy both.

• An entry form with the appropriate information must be included with the submission. Fill out all fields unless you are not part of a school class. In this case, leave out the teacher and school information.

• Always include a bibliography.

Last date for Submission
All submissions must be received by June in the Current Academic Year.

Make an electronic copy saved as .pdf or .doc with the name of the file as follows—before making the file,
read NOTE below:
For individual student entries, file name should be: Lastname Firstname.pdf
Example: Squarepants. Spongebob.pdf

If the name is long, it is okay to abbreviate the name. Leave no spaces in the file name.
For team entries, file name should be: TSchoolname. teacherlastname.pdf
Example: THolton.Rapp.pdf

If the name is long, it is okay to abbreviate the name. Leave no spaces in the file name. Please retain the cap letter T so we know it’s a team entry. If more than one team from a school and a teacher is entering, number the file names accordingly…
Example: T1Holton.Rapp.pdf, T2Holton.Rapp.pdf, T3Holton.Rapp.pdf, etc.

NOTE: We cannot accept Word Perfect files. Please arrange to convert your file to Adobe .pdf or MS Word, .doc. the contest, or the title of your paper. We have to enter all the papers into an on-line database and file names must be consistent in order to get this done quickly and allow reviewers time to complete the reviews before your schools end for the year.
Once you have saved your paper with the appropriate file name, it should be emailed as an attachment to / Subject Line: Project

Note: Do not include your paper in the body of the email. No information in the body of the email is necessary. Once your entry is received, you should get an email confirmation within 3-4 days. If you do not get this confirmation, please write to ask if your entry was received.

Each entry Should be filled in a Application Form as Provided by Eastern Guilds for Training and Study ( EGTS )
please make a scanned pdf copy* if possible and email it, along with your final entry. And Same Should be Submitted in a hard copy to Eastern Guilds for Training and Study ( EGTS )

Or For more detail you Shall Contact on -- +91 9477501225 or you shall call on the Land Line Number.
Steps to be Required

Step 1 --- Prepare your Submission
Step 2 --- Submit along With Application Form
Step 3 --- Participant Certificate will be given by Eastern Guilds for Training and Study ( EGTS )
Step 4 --- Shortlisted Entry will be Send to Europe
Step 5 --- Shortlisted Student will be Send to Europe all the Expenditure will be borne by us. This Include

all travel arrangements, visas and conference expense.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

Please Tell me in Detail About the “ PROJECT TOUR PROGRAM IN EUROPE ”

Project Tour Programme will be Scheduled as follows

DAY 2 : Berlin (Germany) After arriving in Berlin Airport you have to check in Hotel.
DAY 3 : Berlin (Germany)—Tour
DAY 4 : Presentation
DAY 5 : Paris (France) After Breakfast depart New City Tour
DAY 6 : Presentation
DAY 7 : Presentation
DAY 8 : Presentation
DAY 9,10 & 11 : Leave for you
DAY 12 : RETURN FLIGHT (KOLKATA / MUMBAI) (If you want to defer the Date of Return then you have to Inform ous atleast                 20 days in advance)

Note :- For more FAQ and for further query you shall search the Website or you can E.mail ous /




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